Who are Faris?

Faris’s team has over 20 years experience in Strategy, Digital, MarketingJoint Venture's and Training. Our constant investment in Faris's future has allowed the key members of our team to undertake significant new training using wide and varying methods of learning.

Faris's team are dedicated to unlocking your potential through sharing our vast and varied knowledge with you to allow you to apply this thinking to your own issues. We feel a different type of education and a new approach to learning is the key to not only understanding where you are, where you have been but most of all where you want to be.

Faris's team have significant experience in StrategyDigital, Marketing, Social Media, Creative, Design, Joint Venture BrokerageTraining, Individual Coaching and Mentoring.

We have worked at varying levels in a wide range of companies and organisations across multiple sectors including:

  • Digital, Social Media, Website Design, Development & R&D
  • Design, Creative, Advertising & Marketing
  • Software Devlopment & Technology
  • Property/Real Estate Development/ Investment (Residential & Commercial)
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Public Sector & Government
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Services (Oil, Gas & Petro Chemical)
  • Third Sector, Non-Profit & Charities
  • Retail (Traditional & ECommerce)
  • Leisure, Travel & Toursim

Our experience within these sectors is wide and varied and has included very different levels of input, advice and training. Over the years we have worked with Start-Up's, through Growth, SME's, Large Corporates and Organisations through to Global Brands and Agencies.

It is this level of diverse knowledge and experince that we feel makes Faris's team ideally placed to help other people, companies and organisations move forward from where ever they are today.

Please call             +44 (0) 845 058 0517       or contact Faris if you would like to find out how we can help you?