WTI appoint Faris as Consultants

12th Feb 2011

Faris have been appointed as WTI's strategic consultants. WTI an established firm of Commercial Property Developers who have been looking into other markets for part of their planned growth over the coming years.

WTI approcahed Faris with regards to supporting them with this growth and looking at various areas of their business. The main focus is to improve the strategic approach of WTI to both its existing and proposed customers across all of the sectors they operate in.

A spokesperson for WTI said " we are delighted to be working with Faris and its team as they have a very unique mix of experince and a quality that we have not seen in other consultants we have worked with. Their vast knowledge of Marketing and Sales  were key but their extensive insight into commercial property development was the main reason we opted for Faris."

WTI are currently working across the UK on a range of  commerical developments in the Healthcare and Housing sectors.

For further information on Faris please call +44 (0) 845 058 0517 or contact Faris if you would like to find out how we can help you?