The Roundhouse partners with Faris

20th Mar 2012

Following on from the successful consultancy and training provided to The Roundhouse a longer term arrangement has been agreed with Simon Brown of Faris taking over as the Digital Director.

Simon will work with the other Roundhouse directors to formulate and implement the future strategy of the business.  He will head up the digital team with a view to restructuring the team ready for the impending growth of the overall agency. After significant changes the digital team is now progressing in a new direction, looking at implementing key changes to how they provide their services, improve access to technologies and provide more detailing strategic thinking for its clients.

The Roundhouse digital team recently completed the design, development and build of one of the UK’s top 10 University’s. Lancashire University are working with The Roundhouse across all areas of their brand and wanted a new university to showcase this change. Completed under budget and time constraints the new website is the only Top Ten University to have a ‘fully responsive’ website, after checking this with other similar institutes across the world it was soon discovered that is was also a world first. ‘Fully responsive’ in lay man’s terms is a website that will detect the screen size of whatever you are accessing the website through, from a smart phone or tablet right through to a Widescreen PC and even a large projector, it then displays the website with all of its elements in a cohesive way, without the need for a separately built mobile focussed site.

If you would like to see this innovative new website recently built by The Roundhouse then please visit

For further information on Faris please call +44 (0) 845 058 0517 or contact Faris if you would like to find out how we can help you?