Teesside Sci Fi Author looking for stratospheric sales

7th Jan 2012

Local author takes up the offer of free mentoring by Faris to try and improve the exposure of his recent first novel.

Martyn Ellington of Ingleby Barwick has recently published his first Sci-Fi book called ‘Yesterdays Flight’ which is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. Martyn is currently working on his next novel called ‘The Harvesting' based in the UK and charts the progress of three oil rig workers returning home when they are involved in a car accident, upon waking up, they soon realise that the things are not what they were prior to their accident….

Martyn is working with Faris on all areas of his marketing, with a view to launching a website in the near future, in the meantime if you would like to purchase copy of Martyn’s book ‘Yesterdays Flight’ then click the below link for further details:


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