PRR - The is the future of Sales

30th Mar 2011

In this current climate, ALL companies are seeking different ways to Increase Sales, regardless of the sector they are in, Sales is the key! To improve your margins there is only so many cost cutting exercises that you can make before it impacts on operations and quality.

The oldest method of sales is through talking to different people however the only problem is when you exhaust all your contacts! Then people spend a fortune on different types of marketing, but in doing so they are having to outlay money, in some cases huge budgets are spent with no guaranteed return on investment.

In addition to this, many companies increase their sales teams, how many people have problems with staff, sales targets, budgets, HR issues and associated expenses.

It's commonly said that you need to "send a sprat to catch a mackerel" but this nearly always involves laying out more money and resource in order to attract more than you are laying out! Does this not sound simply like Gambling, regardless of how you dress it up? Agreed some gambles are worth taking, some are calculated and some give better odds than others, but they are all gambling!

When buying something a personal recommendation goes along way, especially if its form someone you already trust! 'Trust' is the key thing to buying and sales! If you don't trust you won’t have the confidence to buy.

When selling something you have to show a track record, quality of product or service, testimonials, case studies etc.... all of this leans towards your credibility! Is credibility not the same thing as Trust or confidence? So with selling you have to have already built up the Trust and confidence with other clients and customers and then try to get more in order to increase sales!

By now you should be getting the picture of what I’m driving too? Your network is one of your most valuable assets in business, the old adage "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?"

Have you ever considered that your network could be worth more than you have ever thought? How about turning that network in to cash? How about also helping that same network to profit from your success? A relationship that is equal requires both parties to get something from it, especially if both parties are putting something into it!

PRR (Personal Recommendation Remuneration) is the key to all of the above!

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