Main-Tel turn to Faris

3rd Sep 2012

Main-Tel who are long standing clients of the Faris directors and they have appointed us to help them shape their digital future.

Main-Tel are one of 'the best kept secrets in Telecoms' according to their clients, which reads as a who's who of blue chip brands. Cleints like Armani, Gucci, DKNY, Mulberry, Toyota Europe and HMRC have worked with Main-Tel in most cases for 15 years. in such a 'cut throat' industry they provide an engineering led solution backed up by excellent cutomer service to work along side its clients and partners to keep them one step ahead in the forever changing communications and IT sphere. 

Due to Faris's extensive experience not only in delivering quality digital solutions but also backing them up with solid strategies and delivery plans tailored specifically to our clients needs. The directos of Main-tel approached Faris as they felt we 'know' what it is that they need and how to achieve it not just for now but for the next 8-10 years.

Main-Tels Manging Director Tom Howson, said; "our current website, brand etc... could quite easily carry on for quite a few years yet, which is further testiment to the strategy developed and investment made back in 2004 by the faris directors, and the execution of that delivery plan since then!

yet despite the almost forever changing digital enviroment since then, our external facing image both above the line, below the line and digitally has stayed the course, however we are not a company that likes to rest on our laurels, so with this in mind we have appointed Faris to help direct our strategy over the next 8-10 years, starting with our digital profile which will provide the right platform to showcase the new product services we will be launching throughout 2013/14."

iI you would like further information on Main-Tel and the services they offert, please visit their current website   The new website set to be launched in November / December 2012 so please bookmark the current one ready for the new one being launched.

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