Main-Tel Launch New Web Platform

4th Dec 2012

Main-Tel today launched their new fully responsive website alongside Facebook and LinkedIn pages to complement its already established, Twitter Client Alert Service.

Main-Tel MD, Tom Howson said:

“Although we were happy with our old website, we are always striving to improve and wanted to improve our communications to our existing customers and attract potential new customers. We have ventured further into the world of social media and we hope this strategy will serve to keep our customers more informed not just about what we do as a company but also alerts on what will affect the company from a Technology, IT and Telecommunications point of view."

The website has been built in partnership with Sapere Software based in Middlesbrough. Sapere are a software development company who are delighted to be helping Main-Tel develop their digital platforms as they embark on this exciting growth strategy in 2013.

Tom added “In the new year we will be launching a range of new services targeted at both new and existing client’s and aim to use our new online platform to be able to not only inform our clients of what we offer but also help them manage their accounts online. These alongside our infrastructure upgrades have seen a significant investment in our business.

Due to our financial stability and the quality of our client base we will be looking to work with clients in ways they don’t expect from a Telecoms or IT provider, we will be truly working in partnership with our client’s old and new to help them make the progress they are focussing on.”

For further details on the services that Main-Tel offers then please visit their website at if you wish to know more of how Faris can offer you similar support to that Main-Tel receive, then please contact us on 0845 058 0517 or by email at