Business Start-up Coaching

3rd Mar 2011

Have you a good idea and want to set up a new Business? Are you running your own Business and feel like you have hit a brick wall or that you want to take that Business to the next level? Why not try speaking to Faris to see where we can help you!

There is a common misconception that anyone who sets up a Business is an Entrepreneur or has an Entrepreneurial flair! WRONG with a capital 'W'.

Most people set up a business because its their passion, they don't want to work for someone else, they think they can do it better than their bosses, they  have seen a gap in the market etc.... Most people have no idea about where to start when setting up a Business? What is required both practically and legally?

Those already running either a small or growing Business normally can manage to run the Business quite effectively but they always reach a point where the Business starts running them or indeed becomes beyond their control, this can be for many reasons?

Running and/or growing a Business should be all about applying 'Common Sense', however 'Sense' does not seem to be all that 'Common'. Many people talk about  'thinking outside the box' when most have never mastered, how to 'think inside the box first'!

Faris is curently working with a whole range of people, of varying abilities, age, gender, background, sectors and all vastly vary in business expertese!

Some we work with personally 'one to one' others in groups, some in formally and others under a formal agreement. All with the same aim - To Improve!!!

Sure, if you need financial help, you speak to an Accountant, a Financial Advisor or even a Banker. HR help from a Solicitor or HR specialist, other than asking Business Link for help (most people are only interested in accessing any availible grants) who can help you with all the areas of your business on a strategic level using a 'helicopter view' and with total independance?

Faris have the people who have the right skills and skills gained from years of 'doing it' before then helping others! We have many qualifications, considerable training and a vast expertese in improving Businesses, Organisations and Individuals, especially those Individuals in Business.

You have now read all of the above! Are you prepared to carry on doing what you doing for the same results or do YOU really want CHANGE to happen?

If so why wait, start right away, to set up a meeting with us or for further information please contact us to discuss how we can help you and your company or organisation move forward.