Arrow Sales focus in on Faris Target!

1st Feb 2011

Newcastle based Arrow Sales is working with Faris to see what type of partnership can be developed for the mutual benefit. Arrow was set up in 2009 by very experienced Sales Director Mike McMeekin.

Mike prior to setting up Arrow has worked at Director Level in IT sales for local, national and international companies. His experience in sales is outstanding and he has been using that experience to improve the organisations that he is currently working with.

After much discussion with Faris Mike identified areas of complimentary services that can offer to clients using both Arrow and Faris’s experience to help other companies during this very difficult economic climate.

A spokes person for Faris said “Faris is forging forward as a company and any proposed partnership that will improve the Faris offering is always of interest to us, however having known Mike for around 10 years now it’s a nice change to be able to be working with someone we know and have a huge amount of respect for. Mike’s record is up there with the best and after talking to a number of his clients over the years, their results since using Mikes help and expertise is astonishing”.

Mike said he “I'm looking forward to working in more detail with Faris to further improve both our service offerings and I am also delighted to be working with old friends. The experience and knowledge that Faris brings in terms of Marketing, Digital, Branding etc.... is of the highest quality and the fact they are just based down the road in Middlesbrough is a huge bonus”.